Anonymous: Doesn't mean Bronies did charities doesn't make them holy angels! the KKK did charities! and they're scumbags! so you're wrong!

I’m going to assume this is another attempt at humor.


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Anonymous: I think you underestimate how many people want Viperpone to be their waifu.


Anonymous: Remember how Lucariwoah had a porn blog and soon password protected it after being called out on it? Well going to her personal blog (the one that isn't password protected) you can find a picture of porn she commissioned in full view.

You forgot to mention that it was a pony porn blog, and far more explicit than the blog her alleged “girlfriend” was trying to crusade to have taken down (hell, APM actually never showed graphic depictions of genitalia or sexual activity whatsoever).


Anonymous: Yeah, Viper is so obsessed with Pinkie, that there was complete silence about her between when she "deactivated" her tumblr and now. There was complete silence when she wasn't starting drama, that's just how obsessed we are.


I had been happily posting about all sorts of things before this latest horror show began.

Anyone who genuinely thinks I enjoy having anything to do with this child is even farther off the deep end than she is.

Anonymous: My virtual monument to you is pink, and covered in sparkles.


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Anonymous: An 'Anon blog' is a blog someone made purely to harraspeople and that has no connections to any other blog they have. it's a completly seperate account made specifically to be able to send someone anon messages when anon is turned off



The antiquated controller I have for my PC is much easier than trying to use the keyboard, but I can’t figure out how to block now.

Anonymous: I got the cheesesticks for ya ;D


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