I’ve been swamped with work this week so have this poor quality phone picture to show that I’ve been trying to draw stuff kinda sorta maybe 


I’ve been swamped with work this week so have this poor quality phone picture to show that I’ve been trying to draw stuff kinda sorta maybe 

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What am I even doing.

Anonymous: Apparently there is also a Cipher owl in addition to a Cipher cat and all of a sudden I think of Cipher owlcat.


(Because you know Bill would have to be a winged owlcat.)

Anonymous: I just saw a Bill Cipher cat and it was adorable.


Ciphercat is just the best thing.

I’m not 100% certain, but I believe it was PaperKiwi that first drew the Ciphercat.


field trip dorks


field trip dorks

While Stan is out to pick up a few things one day, Lil’ Stinky notices Dipper use the copy machine to make some flyers, and is intrigued.  After he leaves, the kitty sneaks into the room, and starts crawling around on the scanning surface, and pawing at the buttons.  Somehow, he manages to make copy after copy of himself until the machine ends up breaking down from overuse.

Meanwhile in town, Stan is just exiting the grocery store, and suddenly notices that everywhere around him is dotted with little black puffballs in hoodies.  Robbiekittens are lined up all over - perching on posts, mailboxes, and roofs, and just generally making everyone in town really uncomfortable.  As Stan walks through, their little heads begin to pop up as all the kittens suddenly start focusing on him, and as he passes, they jump down from their various perches, and begin following him. 

Soon enough, he has a massive herd of kittens behind him, all looking up at him and collectively purring.  Stan tries to run from them, and quickly dashes into an alley, ducking behind a garbage can.  He waits for the sound of purring to dissipate, and pokes his head out of the alley.  The kittens are all gone.  He exhales in relief, but as he turns to continue down the alley, he is greeted by the sight of hundreds of pairs of eyes glowing in the shadows as the rumble of their collective purring resumes.

No matter where he goes, the kittens follow.  No matter where he hides, the kittens find him.  Exhausted, he sits on the nearest available surface - a tree stump - and tries to catch his breath.  The herd of kittens begins closing in, and Stan fearfully prepares himself for a fluffy assault.  However, the hundreds of hairballs just quietly pile themselves around him, looking up at him with the same expression: OwO.

Stan eventually makes his way back to the Mystery Shack, and holds open the door as kittens begin piling inside en masse, all to the bewilderment of Dipper and Mabel, who are seated at the kitchen table, watching the house fill with fuzzballs.  Completely worn out from trying to evade the army of floof, Stan deposits himself in his easy chair as kittens begin arranging themselves around him like a fuzzy game of Tetris: some by his feet, some on his lap, and one perched on the top of his fez.  The twins find themselves knee-deep in sleeping, snoring kittens as Dipper tries to remember where Soos keeps the garden hose, knowing full well that the subsequent attack that will inevitably follow after drenching the real Lil’ Stinky is a sacrifice that must be made for the greater good.

(I sincerely apologize for how stupid this is)


whatever vampire who bit Robbie fucked up and missed his neck

They were aiming for the neck, but tripped over his ego.

Anonymous: So, who in Gravity Falls has the best hat?

The best hat…

Well, that’s no contest, really.

Everyone knows fezzes are cool.


"Mr. Pines?!"




"what? that’s what I just said."


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Blog mascot trifecta.
(Edit:  Added forgotten buttmark)

Blog mascot trifecta.

(Edit:  Added forgotten buttmark)

I decided to make a little more detailed one based on the "FrankenRobbie" picture I did a while back.  You can download a larger .png of the above image here.

There are also two others that I had saved that were done by other people, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to track down a source on either of them, even with Google.  You can find large .png files of those two images here, and here (if the artists of these two recognize their work, feel free to drop me a line so I can properly credit you, and link to the original sources).

The amount of adorable here is almost physically painful.

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Anonymous: could you describe your thoughts and headcanons on wendy? like about how her mom died, why she dates so many guys, her sexuality, etc.

These are things I have never really considered before.

I don’t think Wendy would have thought all that much about her sexuality at this point in her life.

I have absolutely no idea how her mother may have died.

I also have no thoughts as to why she dates so many guys, but it does kind of bother me that she’s so dismissive of them, and seems to go through them like tissues.  For someone complaining about two certain dumbasses not taking her feelings into account, and treating her like an object, she’s kind of really not one to talk.  I have a feeling, though, that lacking a feminine influence growing up may have played a part in this.

I can’t really make any further judgement calls, since they’ve given her next to nothing in terms of character development.

Dapper as fuck.

askbawssspike: Wha'cha think of Gravity Falls comin' back this Summer? Imma stoked! (luewd-bovine)


Why is it under the Mystery Shack?  Who built it?  Why did Stan open it?? WHAT DOES IT DO???