Apparently, today’s teenagers don’t understand that art is what the creator decides it is, not what THEY decide it is.  It is a visual representation of feelings in an abstract form.

Art is also not all sunshine and kittens.  Art also reflects the darkest depths of humanity.  Art is often the artist’s means of coping with that darkness, i.e., turning that darkness into something they can more easily digest as an inescapable fact of life.  How many of the most famous and recognizable paintings in history depict violence and brutality?  There’s Francisco Goya’s “Saturn Devouring His Son”.  There’s Hieronymous Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.  There’s more than can be catalogued in one museum, let alone a single tumblr post.

Google the art of Zdzisław Beksiński, or Suzzan Blac.  Even better:  LOOK ALL THE FUCK AROUND YOU.  If you are even ON tumblr, you have no place whatsoever to talk about anyone’s artwork being “gross”.

Humanity itself is filled with terrible fucking things, and it’s about goddamn time you idiotic, self-righteous, spoiled, privileged first-world children take off your rose-colored glasses, and realize that it is not your place to determine how anyone else expresses how they feel about it.

If you think you have the right to judge or censor how anyone else expresses themselves artistically, you are literally supporting a fascist mindset.  If your idea of “social justice” supports fascism, society does not need your “justice”.

So now people want to boycott Gravity Falls…


…because Paul Robertson dared to have the balls to make personal expressions of art in his medium of choice of specific tastes prior to ever working in Gravity Falls for his own leisure.

This means that people cannot keep watching GF because a person who was commissioned to do custom work for the show, who in no way speaks in behalf of the Gravity Falls staff, Alex Hirch or the Disney company, didn’t have the foresight to predict that he one day would be commissioned to make work for a children cartoon and thus should not have expressed himself artistically.

This also means he is a hateful homophobic, despite the fact that he worked on the Scott Pilgrim franchise which presents a positive image of gay people.

No, we are unable to separate his work from his personal art, and thus nobody should be watching Gravity Falls.

And for that matter, Stop watching Steven Universe, did you not know Rebecca Sugar has drawn underage pornography of the characters from Ed, Edd and Eddy?

Everyone should boycott Regular show! J.G Quintel created Benson And Mordecai as a couple of clerks who consumed drugs and got high on the job! obviously this means we need to stop Regular Show at all costs!

Skyler Page is a creep who sexually harassed a coworker, aren’t you glad this got Clarence cancelled?

Chris Sanders draws sexualized girl pinups all the time for his personal pleasure! boycott how to train your dragon!

Ozamu Tezuka did furry porn! quick japan! ABORT ANIME! ABORT ANIME!


Artists have personal lives, artists get to choose how express themselves and they got their kinks just like EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE WORLD, you are free to not agree with them, but be mature and learn to separate a person’s work from their personal lives, Robertson was hired because of his talent with sprite work, his personal views and previous work have ZERO impact on gravity falls and it’s time y’all mature enough to understand people are entitled to personal life.

You are free to not agree with them, but you are not entitled to judge.

Regarding Paul Robertson:

Once again:

  1. Custer’s Revenge was an Atari game from 1982.  He would have been three years old, and thus had nothing whatsoever to do with it.  The artwork he made regarding it is basically making fun of how horrible and offensive the game is - NOT glorifying it.
  2. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOLI, AND CHIBI.  The women in his works are drawn as chibi, but they are still clearly adults.  THIS IS TUMBLR.  YOU SHOULD KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT A CHIBI IS.  Don’t even try conveniently forgetting that just so you can brand someone as something they aren’t just because you don’t happen to like their work.
  3. The original poster that complained about Robertson uses “fae” pronouns.  For someone making a mockery of what it means to be trans by lowering the value of gender identity persecution in a shallow attempt to feel “special”, they shouldn’t be trying to tell anyone else what is or is not “transphobic” or “transmisogynistic”.
  4. Nothing Paul Robertson has done on the side has infiltrated the work he was paid to do by Disney.  Like any professional, he checked his personal beliefs and interests at the door, and simply did the job he was hired for.  He keeps his interests and his work separateYour widdle hurt feelings—which are purely subjective—are not grounds for putting a man out of work.
  5. THIS IS TUMBLR.  Do NOT try to pull the old “offensive fan art” card in a place that sexualizes everything from underaged children and Nazis to INANIMATE OBJECTS.

Have a nice day.


Just something I noticed recently…

Giffany:  Presumably killed the programmer that tried to delete her, along with anyone else that attempted the same.  Afraid of losing her new “boyfriend” that she has only known for less than a week, she took over a restaurant’s animatronics, and used them to try to kill Melody, as well as the twins (or really anyone that stood in her way).  She was also ready to trap Soos in the game with her for all eternity.  Result?  Adored by everyone, with mountains of fan art.

Robbie:  Has his bike stolen, his phone broken, and is nearly killed because of Dipper, yet STILL can’t bring himself to harm the kid.  He had the living SHIT beaten out of him by a video game character, yet he STILL couldn’t bring himself to hurt Dipper.  Out of fear of losing the girl he’s had a crush on since elementary school, he used a paranormal object for selfish purposes once, while it’s conveniently forgotten that others abuse paranormal objects on the show on a regular basis.  Result?   Gets accused of being a “rapist”, and is written as a violent murderer in fan fiction.

Clearly, it’s totally okay when a girl is psychotically needy and murderous for “love”, because she’s “just lonely”.  Meanwhile, if a guy so much as trips up a single time out of stupidity, he is Satan incarnate.

At least Robbie doesn’t hide his complete inability to properly socially interact with others.  Except inside his hoodie.


It’s nice and safe inside Hoodieville.


since the gravity falls episode is out now and it seems to be quite popular on tumblr i believe it is important for me to let you know what one of the animators, paul robertson, has done

content warning for: #nsfw #genital mutilation #gore #blood #misogyny #transmisogyny #lolicon #pedophilia #rape #racism #nazism #body horror #murder

ok so first things first, paul robertson was the animator of the gravity falls episodes “fight fighters” and “soos and the real girl,” (here are two pictures, the first one is from fight fighters, the second is from soos and the real girl: xx

a quick google search of his name would allow you to find some of the art he makes, which is generally pretty creepy, but below i will link some of them as well

he draws a lot of nsfw and gore, some of which portray people brutally murdering women

transmisogyny: x , x

lolicon: x 

here is a link to his archive on tumblr, if youd like to check it out yourself: x

he also created fanart for the video game “custer’s revenge.” this is a pornographic game which features the rape of a native american woman tied against a cactus. the whole gameplay is just the main character custer forcing himself in the woman, and with each thrust you gain a point

google search “paul robertson custer’s revenge” if you’d like to see more of it. most of the images have corrupted files, but i have linked what i could find

here is his fanart for it: x

there  is a show he made about a baby, and it has naked children (shown here): x, x, x, x

so basically, all in all, please know and be aware of what this man has done before you continue to support the gravity falls series 

A few things to point out here:

  1. Custer’s Revenge was a tacky, tasteless game created for the Atari 2600 back in 1982.  That is literally THIRTY-TWO YEARS AGO.  He was a fucking TODDLER at that time.  Besides that, that game is despised the world over, and I’m pretty damn sure creating an image poking fun at something is not the same as accepting the sentiments it conveys.  The image he made is literally demonizing the game - NOT glorifying it.
  2. Someone has clearly forgotten that there is a huge difference between loli, and CHIBI.
  3. If you’re going to condemn a person for fan art, you should probably not be on tumblr.  Period.
  4. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS WHAT YOU DEFINE IT TO BE.  It is NOT your say what is “transphobic” unless YOU were the one who created it, and are 100% certain of the context.  And besides that, your second image alleging “transmisognyny” was something he based off of a sketch by SOMEONE ELSE.
  5. The people at Disney would certainly have seen his work.  Clearly, THEY DID NOT GIVE A SHIT.

Please do the world a favor, and never breed.  The last thing the world needs are more whiny, simpering, professional victims that waste precious time from their life trying to make the rest of the world grow down, rather than themselves GROWING THE FUCK UP.



You seriously encourage people to use “fae” pronouns?  You are devaluing what it means for a person to be trans.  You might as well be flipping a giant middle finger right in the face of every person who has ever fought to have their identity be recognized by others.

zedstar: Crybabies on tumblr are trying to tell people to stop supporting Gravity Falls because one of the guest animators, Paul Robertson, drew some stuff in the past they find offensive.

J.G. Quintel was hired by Cartoon Network to make a show that features two characters he created that were originally part of a short about two guys tripping out on acid.

Jhonen Vasquez was asked to create a show for Nickelodeon, despite his major claim to fame being an incredibly bloody, violent comic book series about a psychotic serial killer.

Before becoming a published children’s book author, Theodore Geisel (aka “Dr. Seuss”) was once banned from writing/drawing for his college’s newspaper after being caught in his dorm room with a bottle of gin during Prohibition.  He had also created a lot of incredibly racist anti-war cartoons during World War II.

Award-winning children’s book author Jack Gantos had been involved in counterfeiting, drug dealing, and drug smuggling when he was 18.

If you are going to condemn someone on the grounds of their past, or the work they produce, you would literally have to condemn damn near everyone on tumblr for sexualizing underaged children, Nazis, a goddamn pad of paper, robots, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

For that matter, Walt Disney himself was not a picture of total innocence.  Furthermore, what a person is paid to do does not define them, nor does the work that they choose to do on their own.  You think the people working at Disney somehow didn’t know about Robertson’s work before hiring him?  Because I’m pretty sure they check these things.

NOBODY GIVES A GOOD GODDAMN WHAT YOU’RE “OFFENDED” BY.  IT’S NO ONE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU DON’T HAPPEN TO LIKE.  I hate large dogs, but you don’t see me screaming at every large-breed dog owner to euthanize their pets just because I don’t happen to like them. 

Lastly, nothing Paul Robertson has done on the side has been reflected in the work he has been hired to do.  He keeps his work and his interests SEPARATE.  Thus you have literally ZERO grounds to make any accusations, nor to insist for his departure from working on the show.

suspira-1984: Do you really think Robbie may turn for the better in the new season of GF? I dearly hope so. what makes you think it may?


thank you for giving me this opportunity to blab

*puts on nerd glasses*

Ok first things. Robbie. Is. A kid. He’s not a horrible zompire or a member of a secret moon society that wants to sacrifice Wendy’s blood to the virgin goddess Diana. He’s a teenager, in a band, with a crush. He’s figuring out what kind of man he’s going to be. He wants to impress her, and he does stupid things to impress her. It’s what teenage boys do. There’s nothing sinister about it. He’s terribly misguided, and built up a lot of defense mechanisms. He’s a liar and he’s insecure. But he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. He just wants to look big.

The underage characters in GF are mostly harmless. (Except for Gideon. But Gideon’s behavior goes far beyond any normal child’s bad behavior and twixt you and I I think there’s a lot to him we still don’t know about. Anyways.) I’m talking about the typical kids in GF. It’s been addressed by Mabel that even Pacifica Northwest isn’t so terrible, despite being in the most powerful family in Gravity Falls and therefore probably being in on some of its biggest secrets. But Pacifica’s still just a kid like Dipper and Mabel. She has issues of her own. If she’s doing something wrong, it’s because she’s been conditioned to do so and doesn’t know how to act otherwise. It’s likewise with Robbie. There’s no tERRIBLE CONSPIRACY BETWEEN THEM K CALM YOSELVES.

Robbie’s not clever enough to do them any real harm. The worst he could do is try to backmask a song, which is something he’s familiar with, being a musician. Though I’m hoping we get another band episode. See the Tombstones in action.

Last of all. Look at us. The fandom. Mostly teenagers his age. Young. Stupid. Impulsive. Trying to look edgy. What sort of message would it send, saying that the teenage boy in the cartoon doesn’t grow or amount to anything later on??? That young people with problems don’t change??? Can’t change??? I rest my case.

Besides that, he’s voiced by T.J. Miller.

This is a man who just proposed to his fiancee wearing fishy socks with silly eyes on them.

There’s no way in hell any character voiced by T.J. Miller could turn out to be “evil”.





Human Centipede:Lindsay (Ashley C. Williams) and Jenny (Ashlynn Yennie) are two American tourists in Germany whom attempt to drive to a local nightclub when their car breaks down in the nearby woods. After refusing a ride from a dangerous looking truck driver, they walk through the woods looking for them when it begins to rain. They stumble upon a rural country house owned by a crazed surgeon named Dr. Heiter (Dieter Laser). Dr. Heiter pretends that he is phoning for them when he serves the two young women drugged water which upon drinking it they pass out.




That’s not even taking into account the fact that, in either case, you’re subjected to alteration of your person in some way (either sewn into a “human centipede”, or having your mouth glued shut, and put in a display case).



uh oh…Do you smell anger and hormones?!  Not the legit cosplay just a test photo as I work the kinks out. I thin for a first try I pretty much nailed Robbie.  Oh Christ that sounds wrong.. 


uh oh…Do you smell anger and hormones?!  Not the legit cosplay just a test photo as I work the kinks out. I thin for a first try I pretty much nailed Robbie.  Oh Christ that sounds wrong.. 



I got “Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun” in the mail today, and it is one heck of a great book. There are secret messages all throughout it that are written in the newest symbol cipher:image

And I just finished decoding them all. Holy crap you guys. I’m putting em under a cut, they’re really intense.

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"Robbie secretly draws anime".

So Robbie truly is a genderbent version of me when I was a teenager.

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Some puzzles, little Dipper, are better left unsolved.

Wait, where was this from???

It was from me using SAI to make life even more difficult for Dipper Pines.

Though, I wouldn’t put it past this show to make a Hellraiser reference, considering what else they’ve gotten away with…



Some puzzles, little Dipper, are better left unsolved.

Wait, where was this from???

It was from me using SAI to make life even more difficult for Dipper Pines.

Though, I wouldn’t put it past this show to make a Hellraiser reference, considering what else they’ve gotten away with…

Stanford Pines has the patience of a goddamn saint.

Stanford Pines has the patience of a goddamn saint.

Some puzzles, little Dipper, are better left unsolved.

Some puzzles, little Dipper, are better left unsolved.


So I made Robbie V on Tomodachi Life and all he does is roll around on the floor sadly :<

Isn’t that pretty much what Robbie does anyway?

You can tell the story with Waddles was just Stan making up a load of bull, because if Waddles really were that smart, he would have known that men have nipples because all embryos begin as structurally female, until hormones and the Y chromosome act upon it to promote the formation of male genitalia.