People are legitimately harassing voice actress Nicole Oliver for posting an image that, despite its origins, literally just depicts two ponies eating mashed potatoes. THIS IS NOT FUCKING OKAY.


Regardless of who the artist is, or where the image comes from, anyone with half a brain can see that this is a Thanksgiving table setting, and these two ponies are eating mashed potatoes and gravy.  If a person is fully aware of the artist’s other works, and chooses to only view it in relation to said work (rather than objectively), only then does it take on any other meaning whatsoever.


When you start harassing an actual voice actress for a show to the point where she has to make more than one tweet asking you to stop, you have entirely crossed the line, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

And no - I’m not going to block out any names.


She is obviously aware of who John Joseco is, and it clearly does not bother her.  In fact, they apparently have a fairly friendly relationship.  I’m also pretty sure it didn’t bother Disney that Paul Robertson has done countless images that are a literal phantasmagoria of gore and genitalia when they hired him to work on an episode of Gravity Falls either.  Why might that be?  Probably because most mature adults are aware of the distinction between fantasy and reality, and that not only does someone’s art not completely define them as a person, but that you can’t scapegoat any one source for the world’s ills.

The entire “Down with Molestia” movement was another useless attempt by the straw feminists of tumblr to try to scapegoat the woes of society onto a single tumblr blog.  It has not only failed to “raise awareness” (I’m pretty damn sure society at large has already been well aware of what rape is, and that it is, in fact, a bad thing) it has done more harm than good (considering it literally has done nothing positive, including not a penny towards related charities, I doubt a single bit of “good” has come from this ghastly circus at all), to both the victims of rape, and to feminism as a movement.

If this is how you try to “change the world”, the world is better off without your “assistance”.

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    Bunch of god damn moral fags ruining harmless jokes. Don’t the assholes of this fandom have anything better to do? Don’t...
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    The other side of this fandom really pisses me the fuck off sometimes.
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    This is why we can’t have nice things.
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    Fucking disgusting. Bad enough when they went after Pixelkitties, now they’re going after Nicole…