I know I’m probably slowpoking this, but it would appear that Hasbro has now indeed trademarked the name “Derpy”.  While the name has been showing up at least in the product descriptions and on the tags of licensed merchandise, this is the first time that the name is shown to have a specific trademark.

Meanwhile, in toy land, the pony herself has earned her own unique blind bag mold, despite being so close in model resemblance to Rainbow Dash.  She will appear in a special three-set with Thunder Lane and Fluttershy in the upcoming “Rainbowfied” toy wave.  However, as seen here, she is being referred to simply with an image of a muffin, in accordance with what appears to be Hasbro’s current PR strategy regarding the beloved pegasus, at least when dealing with the actual toys.

Derpy’s fanon companion, Doctor Whooves (aka Time Turner), will also be featured in the rainbow wave, albeit with a rather…”colorful” paint job.  Fans may wish to note that on this official packaging, he is here being referred to as “Dr. Hooves”.

Lastly, on the Funko front, there will soon be miniature versions of the company’s larger vinyl figures.  In a surprising twist, these figures will mimic the packaging style the company has been using for their figures by making the coats of the ponies matte black.  Some select figures will also have glow-in-the-dark versions, such as Derpy and Vinyl Scratch, as seen above.

These future toy releases are certainly something to look forward to.  However, only time will tell what will become of Hasbro’s trademark of the name “Derpy”.

On a final note, I would ask my fellow fans that this new development not be used as any kind of “ammunition” against those who hold personal distaste towards the character or the name, particularly not Yamino.  Especially when compared to painfully childish people like Pinkiepony, Yamino has carried herself with dignity and maturity in her stances.  Whether you agree or disagree with her opinions, I would hope others would conduct themselves with a modicum of decency, and not try to reopen old wounds.  You may freely cherish the cross-eyed Where’s Waldo? of ponies, but let us endeavor to keep things positive.

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