Downside to donating plasma - feeling woozy and lightheaded.

Gonna go cool down the rest of the afternoon.

This is why you don’t use someone else’s lipstick.
You never know what you might catch.

This is why you don’t use someone else’s lipstick.

You never know what you might catch.

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omegaresnovae: Eggs, flour, milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, thick slices of bread (preferably Texas toast), and a hot skillet, pre-oiled.

Oh, right - and you pretty much mix all that together, and saturate the bread in it, then cook it in the skillet.

Afterwards, I added a little butter, powdered sugar, syrup, whipped cream, and regular sugar to mine.

….my sweet tooth is a monster.

Anonymous: What the heck is trans Rarara?

I mentioned in a previous post that I had wanted to draw a humanized Rarity as a tall, gorgeous, black trans woman (more than a little inspired by RuPaul).

Anonymous: What do you think about non-sexual MLP fanfiction?

Fanfiction is fanfiction.  Doesn’t bother me what anyone else writes, especially since I rarely (if ever) read any.

Anonymous: Favorite Disney Character, Go!

I have no idea.

I’ve never really been all that “into” Disney, even when I was little.

Anonymous: In reference to your trans Rarara post .Who's Rupaul and why do I remember seeing that name on tumblr a while back?


RuPaul was the first drag queen to ever become an international supermodel.  Ru disregards a need for specific pronouns, and has expressed comfort with being referred to as either a he, or a she, saying:

"You can call me he. You can call me she. You can call me Regis and Kathie Lee; I don’t care! Just as long as you call me."

RuPaul has not had any implants or other gender-related surgery, and, when not doll-ed up for any occasion, can be seen in tasteful three-piece suits.


Ru is also an accomplished singer, having recorded multiple albums, and is the producer of the reality television show, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Anonymous: What's the best way to make french toast?

I dunno.  I wasn’t the one making it.

Anonymous: I actually had people accusing me of ~*culturally appropriating*~ Buddhism and Romani traditions even though I make it obvious that I'm half Vietnamese and part Tsigani Romani. I'm apparently "white passing" to SJWs. Thank you for calling out bullshit like that for what it is, it makes me feel like I'm not the only one willing to do so.

This entire concept of “cultural appropriation” is a misguided one to begin with.  In their demand for “respect” of all cultures, they’re only alienating cultures from one another.  In disallowing anyone to learn and practice other customs, they are denying others the ability to welcome, understand, and accept those customs, and the people that practice them.

I’ve previously gone a little more in detail about this topic in this post, and this one.

Cultural exchange and cultural appreciation are not “cultural appropriation”.  Actual cultural appropriation would be taking another’s traditions, and literally claiming their origins for yourself.  No one is going around claiming that they invented yoga.  No one is wearing authentic cultural garments from another, and claiming that they designed and created it.

Having respect and appreciation for, and finding the beauty in, another culture’s practices IS NOT APPROPRIATION.  Becoming inspired by another culture’s traditions, and wanting to share them with others is also NOT APPROPRIATION, as long as you note their origins.  It is literally no different than taking photographs while on vacation, and showing them to your friends, saying,

"Look at all the wonderful things I saw there!"

It’s about time people on Tumblr learned the difference.

Anonymous: I'm just curious on what your opinion on Gilda is. Should she show up in another episode? I think it'd work well in one where the central moral was forgiving people whom have done you wrong in the past.

Well, I think that moral may have already been covered given that both Trixie and Discord have been forgiven for their past indiscretions.

The most I can see of Gilda returning is either as an antagonist again, or in a cameo.

I think I’m going to go spend the rest of the night recovering from all the french toast I just ate.

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