Another brilliant piece of animation by filmmaker Sally Cruikshank, Face Like a Frog (1987) is scored by influential and eclectic musical group Oingo Boingo, with Danny Elfman performing a song titled “Don’t Go In the Basement” as a singing lounge lizard.

Another colorful and highly enjoyable short from the talented Ms. Cruikshank.

Anonymous: So you're an older movie buff (much like myself) and there's something I wanted to ask you! I have in my collection the Collector's Edition of Seven Samurai. What are your thoughts about the film? Do you think Kurosawa is as amazing as I do?

While I haven’t seen as much of Kurosawa’s work as I would have liked to, Seven Samurai (1954) still has to be, without question, his most powerful and influential work.  He had an unrivaled knack for staging battle sequences that really laid the groundwork for many other filmmakers in his wake.  They capture violence in a stylish, suspenseful, and compelling manner, and his framing is just exquisite at points (I absolutely adore his use of placing the action off-center, sometimes far up in a corner), and makes every shot interesting, as well as aesthetically pleasing.  While the pacing and running time (clocking in at around three and a half hours) might wear thin on the patience of younger viewers that aren’t previously acquainted with his directorial style, it is the true definition of an epic film.

Of course, I can’t mention this film (or Kurosawa’s work in general) without also mentioning frequently-cast Toshirô Mifune.  His onscreen presence is always brilliant, and endlessly entertaining to watch. :3


The Wildly Inconsistent Size of Godzilla - Revised Edition

"Snickers Godzilla".


The Wildly Inconsistent Size of Godzilla - Revised Edition

"Snickers Godzilla".

Anonymous: Criterion Collection Scanners cover! imgur[.]com/V6f2KLt[.]png



Oh man, that is so wicked.

Anonymous: You once mentioned the beneficiary factors of legalized marijuana(?) in the name of health. Would you kindly elaborate on this topic?

Actually, here is a good list of just ten of the medical benefits that marijuana can provide.  I’m actually quite surprised about its ability to slow the spread of cancer, and to stop HIV from spreading further in the body.

Also, the crime rate in Colorado has dropped by over 14% since the legalization of marijuana there.


To clear more confusion




This was my original response to the ‘false’ story that claimed a child was nearly abducted from BaBscon. This message was posted BEFORE we had solid evidence either way (and it’s all still wishy washy). “

This is another example of crap that helps no one. How is it possible that you hate a group…

there was proof?

There were some emails back and forth between SacAnime and a tumblr user that had a witness to the child approaching their booth and hiding out with them. According to the witness who was an actual employee of SacAnime (the op was not) that part of the story is true and they did not report t to com security. I’m on mobile and can’t link ATM, check
blog for the posts, or scroll back on my blg page. I posted all their links in response to and ask they sent me.

The post you’re looking for is

The only update I’ve had all day is that the person in charge from BABSCon is trying to get in contact with the head of SacAnime via Skype to continue the discussion; I was CC’d in their email (probably by accident).

so apparently a post made against bronies and a sexual predator at BABSCON was made



and its gotten nothing but negative backlashing/ claims of being outright made up. But of course tumblr doesnt fact check and makes assumptions when whoopdie doo look at this

a fucking link that acknowledges the story AND confirms that it was true

nice job guys. A plus

Uhm yea the twitter account post was done the 22nd meaning yesterday so Likely after reading the boogus tumblr story.

Not to mention the email neither confirms or denies shit. The booth owner SAYS RIGHT THERE his account is not his own but one he got from a staff. As well that the girl who cooked the story up was only a volunteer so likely a friend of the staffer who accounts the same tale wanting to try and get their friend out of trouble. Especially considering now it’s known not reporting is against california Law.  As he’s quick to point out she’s not affiliated not wanting his event to be any part of the drama.
He even states he doesn’t have the full story and that he needs more before he can account for it.
As such tables near this particular booth have already accounted not seeing anything. And really even if you’re tired and so on a scared child isn’t something easily missed. So there’s nothing but someone else’s account which could easily be a friend trying to fix another’s dumb mistake.
Not to mention Final Draft’s removal was everywhere at once. Including a drunken Purple Tinker complaining about him in a video with drunk /mlp/ 4chan folk. And videos poking fun at his departure. Yet somehow no one even remotely remembers seeing a scared child at a booth or rumors of a creeper something that spreads faster than fire at cons. 

Now I’m not saying there couldn’t be a creeper cause hell my main con has one of the worse. Whose been in fact banned from a lot of the events and cons around here now that people have spoken out against him.

But all this story did was draw attention to some idiot on tumblr wanting notes and not considering the heavy weight of their actions. And that’s what upsets me. That now likely cons will have to go through this huge questioning phase because well so many false stories are brought up.

Some parts bolded for emphasis.

Those emails magically appeared after the story was brought into question, and after it was mentioned that the original poster could face prosecution for endangering the life of a child by not contacting security (not to mention allowing a sexual predator to continue to roam free).

Drawsomeponies has been looking into this incident, and all we know for certain right now is that Saintcheshire’s account was wildly embellished (if anything even happened).  We’re currently waiting for word from the heads of BABScon and SACAnime, who are looking to contact each other on Skype to discuss the matter.

Mother Nature has decided that she doesn’t want me to continue doing any yard work today.

But, at least I cleared out all the flower beds on the east side of the house and pruned the lilac bush before it rained.

Naptime is calling.

melon-colli: So, dunno if you heard the news, but Scanners is being re-released by The Criterion Collection with a whole bunch of new features. Hope this brightens up your day.



Anonymous: Have you seen the awesome Gravity Fall shorts Disney has been putting out?

Oh, that’s right!  They just released “Cuckoo Clock” in the U.S.!

Did I already miss some of the other foreign shorts in English?  I’ve seen most of them in the languages they were when they were posted on Tumblr (Russian, mostly), but I haven’t seen them in English yet.



I think I may have just made the most obscure joke ever to be made on Tumblr.

This is why I need Fremenism.

BRB, can’t seem to locate my sides.



I think I may have just made the most obscure joke ever to be made on Tumblr.

This is why I need Fremenism.

BRB, can’t seem to locate my sides.

Anonymous: Viper... What if if these stories about extremely intelligent and competent four-year-old children are true and we're witnessing the rise of BABY GENIUSES?

Anonymous: Did you know that the newest Godzilla is almost three times as big as the original Showa Godzilla?

Holy crap, really? :O

Oh man, now I really gotta see the new movie…

Anonymous: Sad that you don't live in the us... I can't hurt you with a picture of a kinder surprise now... D: _____ Joke you're awesome I wouldn't want to hurt you anyway.

But…I do live in the US.. Did you mean to put the UK?

Kinder Surprise eggs are such a touchy thing to exist, since the toys are inside the egg.  Of course, if people are just giving their kid the damn things without telling them there’s a toy inside, and if the kid bites into something that’s obviously not made of chocolate, but keeps eating it anyway, that’s just a case of an entire family of complete dumbasses. :P