Catnap time.

starspecks: I keep hearing about a documentary of an Asylum where patients were treated badly and just left there to rot and the building in general weren't maintained at all. Do you know the name of it?

You might be thinking of either Willowbrook, or Pennhurst (sad that there’s more than one.  And I’m pretty sure there’s more than these two, as well).  Let’s see…there’s Pennhurst (2008),  and one of the two is mentioned in the documentary, Cropsey (2009).  There’s also 1968’s Suffer the Little Children,  but I’m not sure what institution that’s about.

I know there used to be a documentary on Netflix, but for the life of me, I can’t recall the name.  I can even picture the cover image in my head, too, but I don’t remember the name at all… :(

thebitterfrenchcanadian: sorry but between bette davis and joan crawford where are these pictures coming from / just start uploading "whatever happened to baby jane" reaction gifs it'll kill two birds with one stone

But most of the ones I have only has one or the other in them anyway…

For the record, when I start Steam, it logs me in, but I get no windows to actually interact with it, and games will not start (and I still run on XP, so no - I don’t have any right-click options whatsoever to combat it).  It started nearly two years ago, and still hasn’t been fixed.  While the tech people did answer my question, it just sounds like what I already tried when it first happened.

This issue robbed me of the ability to finish playing through the custom Left 4 Dead 2 campaign featuring voice-over work from Tom Savini (the Master of Splatter), and this greatly upsets me.


It just dawned on me that I have like five games on Steam that I’ve never even played, including Killing Floor.

So many games that I can’t even play anymore…


I added pictures onto that last post, by the way.  Not really very difficult to find pictures of androgynous goth boys.

last-chance-gas-station: There's a post going around that in the new GF episode, Soos asking the goth chick outside of not!Hot Topic if she's a girl or not is transphobic. What do you think?

…Wow, some people will really dig for anything, won’t they?  Heaven forbid we possibly have fictional characters just look one way or another without some over-sensitive shmuck that never learned how to love themselves projecting political affiliations, gender identities, or sexualities onto them, regardless of how the character is intended to be, or how their characterization is handled,  because otherwise, these teenage “special snowflakes” that have bastardized the concepts of gender identity and sexuality by turning it into a goddamn fashion trend wouldn’t have something to complain about.

For those extra-special people that think this is an issue:  No.  It is NOT transphobic.  If the person had identified one way, and Soos insisted otherwise, then THAT would be transphobic.  The situation as presented in the show is light-heartedly poking fun at the amount of makeup associated with the “goth” subculture (which often includes the use of dark lipstick and eyeliner, regardless of gender identity).  Having previously been a “goth chick” for over a decade of my life (and still having a lip ring, and a wardrobe featuring an unhealthy amount of horror movie t-shirts to this day), I’m pretty sure that was just a goth teen (or possibly an emo one, as the two subcultures have a discernible amount of crossover in terms of fashion).  Take it from someone that has personally suffered the existence of conflicting shades of black clothing.  Meanwhile, the show has already poked fun at Robbie for wearing eyeliner TWICE now, and his hoodie was even prominently featured in the store window.  I would have hoped the GF fan base was smarter than this, but then I remember who I’ve been disappointed to find out has included themselves in it rather recently.  I have little doubt who is likely spearheading such ignorant, knee-jerk commentary (I’m not giving any names).

Again:  It is a critique of “goth” fashion, which has been known to carry a certain level of androgyny








Only the last two here are women.

There is absolutely NOTHING to suggest that the person Soos was talking to was trans in any way, shape, or form.  This whole thing is just another example of dumbass kids who have no idea what they’re even talking about.

How about letting a cartoon just BE a cartoon for a goddamn change?

randomthefox: apparently IDW apologized for including the dragondicks OC and fired the writer responsible for including him. huzzah? \o3o/

This is the logical conclusion that any company in a similar position would have taken.

People are fired from jobs all the time, and often because of things they have said or done, whether it was on company premises, or via social networking. 

Aflac canned Gilbert Gottfried from representing their company due to some of his posts on Twitter. 

Fred Willard was fired by PBS after being arrested for “lewd conduct”. 

The Food Network dropped Paula Deen over a comment she made to someone decades ago. 

Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men after publicly referring to the show’s creator as a “warlock” and a “troll”.

There are countless other examples out there, and not just from people in the public spotlight.

Ted Anderson openly, and frequently, insulted the very user base he was paid to write for, and there is a ridiculous amount of evidence of this.  As an employee of IDW, he was a representative of the company.  He not only did not make any effort to distance his work from his beliefs, but he even tried to shoehorn said beliefs into someone else’s creative property, which is absolutely not okay.

I’m sure monumental amounts of whining have already taken place because of this, likely crying that “those big mean BRONIES got that poor man FIRED!  And all over someone’s OC!!”.  No.  His attitude is what got him fired.  And if they have similar attitudes themselves, they might want to reconsider them, lest they destine themselves to similar fates.

No matter how self-righteous you think you are, if you’re a pompous asshole that gets their jollies by trying to tear down others over your own lack of self-esteem (especially if you have the nerve to try to PROFIT from it), it’s going to come back to bite you in the ass.  As for people like Dragondicks, who have already made themselves into laughingstocks, I have very little pity for, but still enough sympathy to hope they eventually come to their senses concerning their current, infantile mindset.

The real world and tumblr are two very different places.  And it’s about goddamn time they finally learn this.

And how was I supposed to know that it’s International Coffee Day?  They usually place such icons lower on the page, and add little messages when you hover over it with your mouse.

God, am I gonna wake up later with a bunch of pampered teenagers on my ass for not obediently swallowing the salty spooge of Starbucks?

Fuck it, I don’t delete my rage.  I leave it where it stands.  I don’t care if it’s blocking the driveway.  Call the city, I don’t give a fuck.  It’s my driveway, I’ll do what I want with it.

…I’m going to bed now, because it has become very apparent that I need to.

the-kind-gentleman: I feel as though you may hold slight disdain for Starbucks. Do you?

I hold disdain for the fact that it’s overpriced, their stores are goddamn everywhere you look, and far too many of their consumers treat a damn cup of coffee as some kind of a secret status symbol.

While I do not understand coffee in general, I doubly do not understand overpriced coffee that makes people act like pompous windbags.

spoopy-king: I like their hot chocolate ;w;

Hot chocolate is not coffee.

Hot chocolate in general does not taste like liquid ass, and therefore is exempt from this discussion.

Well, this is bullshit.  Putting the Starbucks tumblr on my ignore list does not remove that stupid fucking cup from the top of my screen.

Man, fuck your pretentious-ass coffee, and all the pompous, scarf-wearing hipster douchebags and botox-injected, soccer mom trophy wives with bobbed, highlighted haircuts and Nike track suits that overpay for it, and then carry it around like it makes them “cool” to get ripped off for poor-quality, rancid bean juice that’s no better than the swill you get through the McDonald’s drive-thru, and then leave their fucking cups wherever they damn well please, as if it’s the rest of the world’s job to clean up after them.

cynical-werewolf: Kind of a random question, but is there a type of horror you dislike? As someone who's kind of a pussy to horror stuff, I was curious if there was one that was a turn off to you.

I’m probably going to get some hate for this, but I’m just not that into vampires.  I don’t really hate vampires films, per se (Hammer films are always fun), but I normally don’t seek them out unless there’s something unique to them (such as 1987’s Near Dark, which is phenomenal).  I think part of my aversion to vampire films is that they of ten rely on a heavy sexual element to sell them, which I don’t particularly care for in a horror film.  As Italian director Umberto Lenzi once put it:

"Gorehounds are asexual; they only care about blood and guts, they have no interest in characters playing erotic games."

However, sexuality can also be used as a powerful tool of terror, but that’s a different subgenre entirely.

I also tend to avoid most of the “creature features” made specifically for the Syfy channel.  There is undoubtedly entertainment to be gained from them, but purely of the “Oh my god, this is so cheesy” variety.  I had to make an exception for Sharknado, but only because the premise was just that damn screwy to begin with.

While there will always be exceptions here and there in regards to the above subgenres mentioned, those are the few types of horror film I’m not as enthusiastic about.

For those of you who perhaps didn’t catch the homage I was making with that Bill Cipher gif, enjoy what will surely be the greatest minute and twenty-three seconds of your entire life.